As a psychotherapist turned author, Amy teaches people how to build their mental muscles. Her work as a psychotherapist, combined with her personal experiences of overcoming tragedy, taught her what it takes to be mentally strong. In 2013, Amy introduced the world to the concept of mental strength when her article, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, became an anthem read by more than 50 million people.

Her book, also called 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, became an international bestseller that’s been translated into 33 languages. She’s also the author of 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Do and her newest book, 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do goes on sale on December 31, 2018.

She’s been dubbed the “self-help guru of the moment,” by The Guardian and Forbes refers to her as a “thought leadership star.” Inc. named her one of the top 100 leadership speakers of 2018.

With more than 8 million views, her TEDx talk, The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong, is one of the most viewed talks of all time.

Her advice has been featured by numerous media outlets including Time, Good Morning America, Fast Company, Success, Business Insider,, Fox News, CNN, CNBC, and Today. She also appears in a Red Bull TV show called Visions of Greatness. She lectures across the globe to provide trainings, workshops, and keynote speeches that teach people how to build their mental muscle. Students from 42 countries access her online mental strength course.

Amy’s also a lecturer at Northeastern University. She is a columnist for Forbes, Inc., and Psychology Today. She also serves as a parenting expert for Verywell. Her articles reach more than 2 million readers every month.