I’ve followed Nora McInerny on social media for quite a while. I found her books helpful when I went through losses in my own life. So I was thrilled to be able to interview her for my show.

Nora got engaged to her first husband, Aaron, the same night he was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

James Altucher is an investor, entrepreneur, and bestselling author. He’s also the host of a podcast called The James Altucher Show.

You may have heard about him recently as his article about New York City being dead attracted a lot of attention. It even led to a rebuttal from Jerry Seinfield who insists New York isn’t dead.

Maffio is a Latin GRAMMY Award winning music producer, composer, and artist. He works with musicians like Akon and Nicky Jam. But his path to success wasn’t easy. 

He came from extreme poverty in the Dominican Republic. He lost several family members, including his sister, when he was a teenager.

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